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Horizontal single-stage single suction centrifugal pump with overhung impeller
Horizontal single-stage double suction centrifugal pump
Horizontal multilevel festival stages centrifugal pump
Horizontal multistage split casing centrifugal pump
Horizontal multi-casing multistage split casing centrifugal pump
Vertical single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump
Vertical multilevel festival stages centrifugal pump
Vertical multistage centrifugal barrelpump
Vertical mixed flow pump
Vacuum pump
ADD: 27 Liuhang Road,Boshan,Zibo City,
  Shandong Provience,P.R.China
MAIL: foreigntrader@boshanpump.com.cn

With the advanced technology, excellent quality, steady performance, our pumps obtain high reputation in domestic and overseas. The company is mainly manufacture various of pumps which has 3,200 specifications, 460 kinds and 51series.For example, centrifugal pumps, chemical pumps, corrosion-resisting pumps, irrigation pumps, field booster-feed pumps, crude oil line pumps, boiler feed pumps, and automatic water supply system and so on.Type IS has been named as "Golden Medal" products by Chinese pump industry, and has been awarded international standard product symbol certificate. Our products have been sold all over the world very well, and have won much honor from overseas and home. Shandong Sure Boshan Pump Industry Co., Ltd has enjoyed high reputation in the international market with exportation to more than 60 countries.Our pumps used to the projrcts of Zhongnnahai, the State Council, Mao Zedong’s Memorial Hall, CCTV, “east pearl” TV tower, Shanghai airport, Guangzhou Baiyun airport, metallurgical industry such as jigang 、taigang、shagang, Yellow River Diversion Project, Qingzang Railway and Beijing Olympic Games venues etc..